Tuesday, April 13, 2010

R Three Sons

Holden 8 months

Elic 2 1/2 years

Preston 5 years

Easter 2010

Easter Weekend

We kicked off Easter weekend on Saturday with a special trip to Fort Worth for Preston and Elic to see Disney on Ice. Darren was able to get a great price on tickets through CareNow. We went to Pops and Gram's house for breakfast, a quick egg hunt and then after Holden went down for a nap, we got on the road. Everyone (including Darren) fell asleep and we got there so fast that we still had over an hour before the show started. We found a great parking spot and then just waited in the car letting the boys get all the sleep they could before going inside. We had taken Preston to Disney on Ice before but this was Elic's first show.I really liked the show. It was all about celebrations through the year. They covered birthdays, Halloween (a little scary I thought), Christmas, and Valentine's Day. It was so dark inside that is was a little hard to get good pictures, but we tried to take a few of our favorite characters.
Goofy has been my favorite since elementary school and now Elic likes him, too.
I know you can't really tell, but this was when Mickey was the wizard and the brooms wouldn't do what he told them to. It really looked neat with all the neon colors.
Valentine's was all about finding true love. The boys didn't like this part as much because it was all the princesses and Preston just kept saying "This is for girls".
Toy Story was a hit, though.
It was a quick trip there and back but we had a great time. When we got home we changed into our pajamas and began our Easter crafts.
Mrs. Amy had gone over this "Jellybean Prayer" in Enrichment at school and the boys couldn't wait to show us what the colors meant, and especially to eat all the jellybeans. Very cute idea!
Last year we did the Resurrection Rolls and it made such an impression on Preston that I knew he would love to do them again. We rolled our marshmallows (Jesus) in the spices (sugar and cinnamon) and wrapped him in the linen cloth (crescent roll).
He was then placed in the tomb (the oven) where Bananas and other animals kept guard.
Finally, we looked in the tomb and couldn't find Jesus! Preston is a little too smart and kept telling everyone "He melted! He melted!" but it does tell the story of Easter in a creative way. Plus, when we finished we all had a very yummy treat to eat.
I begged the boys to do one last activity with me. I saw a super easy and cute way to make a lamb using a hand print and reinforcer stickers. Once the boys saw the paint, they were on board.
Isn't that cute? We gave them to their teachers at school.

Easter morning the boys woke up to their baskets filled with chocolate, books, a new Easter cup and plate and pajamas.
Holden's basket even had a new sippy cup which he can now drink from.
After a quick breakfast using the new plate and cups, we dressed for church. Holden attended class for his very first time on Easter Sunday. He loved it and was such a great listener. He only had a few tears right at the end. I don't know why we hadn't taken him before. All the other kids we took when they were 8 weeks old and here he's almost nine months! He's just so easy going that we've been taking him with us and not thinking anything about it. He didn't fuss even when the little girl next to him kept taking his toys away. He didn't quite know what to think about her dress. He would touch it and then pull his hand away. We certainly don't have anything like that at our house.
Next stop: Nana and Papaw's house for lunch , another egg hunt, and dying eggs, too. We had to wait until everyone woke up from naps to have a photo session and when that time finally came, it was raining outside so we moved all activities indoors.
Darren had given up Sprite for Lent so on the way to Nana's I bought him a Route 44 drink that he could enjoy the whole day.
I gave up chocolate- I know that's hard to believe. But I lost 12 pounds in 41 days (if that tells you just how much chocolate I had been eating). Darren got me a Cadbury egg- my favorite!!

The big boys dyed eggs and then rubbed stickers on them for added decoration. I thought Nana was very brave to do this activity with them. They loved it and we only had one little splatter of dye on any clothing.
Nana put these glasses in the boys baskets and I loved them so much that I made, I mean asked them to take a picture with them on. Holden did not like having something put on his face but we were able to get one good picture. After lots of begging, it was finally time for the indoor egg hunt. It happened so fast that I didn't get many pictures, but everyone loved all the goodies that came inside the eggs.
Overall, Easter was a wonderful day spent with family. We read lots of books about Christ and the sacrifice he made for us, ate great food, and played, played, played.
The boys couldn't wait to put on their new pajamas. They are all Captain Adorable to me!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter day reminded of the hope we have because of the cross!