Friday, January 28, 2011

Holden at 18 months

I can not believe Holden will be 18 months this weekend! He's growing up way to fast!
I do think he looks more like me than either of his brothers.

Here are some things I want to remember about Holden at 18 months:

-he loves straw cups. The only thing he likes more than a straw cup is any cup his brothers might be drinking out of.

-he's a hitter and a thrower when he gets mad. He'll look right at you and throw whatever is in his hand and then give you a glare that says "Whatcha gonna do about that?!" Sometimes it's so hard to discipline the behavior and not just laugh.

-he's my cuddler. He loves long hugs and to be held when he first wakes up from sleeping.

- he can follow directions like "get a book from your room" and runs to the bathroom when he hears "let's brush your teeth".

-he would love to sit in a real chair at the kitchen table like his brothers but I'm not giving in to that too early. I do let him have snacks there and he thinks he's in heaven!

-he eats most everything. Some favorites are: scrambled eggs, bacon, green beans, any fruit especially grapes and cantaloupe, loves yogurt especially the drinkable kind, fruit snacks and mac-n-cheese

- he's obsessed with balls. He walks around the house with one in hand. He doesn't care if it's a football, basketball, or soccer ball as long as it rolls when he throws it. He has quite the arm on him, too! Maybe someday we'll get a scholarship out of that.

-If he's not in sight and he's quiet he can often be found sitting on the floor in his room "reading" books. Makes this teacher's heart so proud! He will sit in your lap and have you read stories over and over to him. Some favorites include That's not My Tractor and All Aboard along with any lift-the-flap and touch-and-feel books.

-he's just started to try and sing the ABCs and Jesus Loves Me. He can say mama, dada, bubba, shoosh (juice), plee plee (please), up, my (mine) and can put two words together like "hi dada" and "up plee plee"

- he's a climber! We often find him on top of Preston's bunk bed (YIKES!), on top of the kitchen table and on the top of the play fort in the backyard.

- he wants to do anything his big brother's do. He tries to play super heroes with them, complete with noises that are suppose to be the figures fighting and loves to "color" on paper.

- he is very friendly and says hi to strangers all the time when we're out and about.

We are so blessed to have Holden Levi as part of our family. Even though he's a 3rd child, he sure is making his little personality known! We love you Little Bit!