Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Program

Last Thursday was Sunshine School's Thanksgiving Program and Open House. Darren and I were very excited this year because both Preston and Elic would be part of the program. Since I teach at the school and need to be with my class, it's hard for me to see the boys perform. But Darren did a super job documenting the event.

Here are the handsome duo being silly before we left the house.

The stage was all decorated.

The 2s are the first to "perform". I say that very loosely because not many of them actually sing the words due to stage fright. Elic loved his Pilgrim hat and belt. Isn't he just adorable?!

I was so proud that he stayed in his spot for both the songs.

Cutest little pilgrim boy!

Here's a clip from one of his songs. You can see at the end he tried to mouth one word.

Next up were the 3s and then it was time for Preston and the 4s. They were turkeys this year. It's fun to see this picture because not only is Preston in it but the children on either side of him are in my class!

Can you see the excitement in his face when he found all his family in the audience?

The entire school gathered on the stage for one final song and a reciting of some scripture verses. We were happy to see that Elic and Preston were near each other for the finale.

Holden tagged along for all the fun. Here he is with his Aunt Crystal.

After the program we went to each of the boy's classrooms and looked at special projects and journals that they had been working on. Preston had said he was thankful for Tigger and Jesus. Elic was thankful for Mom, Dad, and cheese.

The fan club!

Here's one of Preston's very best buddies Trenton.

I know I'll say this on a lot of posts this year, but it's hard for me to believe that this is Preston's last year at Sunshine School. I'll certainly miss seeing him at chapel and recess and all the transitions in the hall where his face lights up when he sees me, as he yells, "Mommy" and runs over to give me a big hug.

This Thanksgiving I am SO thankful for all 3 of my little turkeys.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Build A Bear

A couple of weeks ago we took Elic to Build A Bear. Preston has a monkey named "Bananas" that he made when he was two so we decided it was Elic's turn. He picked out this adorable and super soft bunny (maybe with a little help from Mom and Dad since there was a birthday party going on in the store that really distracted him)

He picked out a heart, kissed it and placed it inside.

I loved watching him press this lever because I knew it would be loud as it started to stuff the bunny and he had no clue. He jumped back and didn't want to finish.

A few stitches and we were all done.

The first bath.

And what should we name this adorable little guy? Elic started jumping up and down saying (in Elicese) "Hops". Very appropriate!

We look forward to many years filled with good sleep thanks to Hops!

I just have to add this flashback- my how quickly time flies.
(Preston and Bananas December 2006)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three Months

Holden is 3 months old- I just can't believe it! We truly feel like he's always been in our family and already can't remember what it was like before he was born.A few things about Holden:
- He is VERY content. He goes with me everywhere and never complains. The only times I hear him cry are when he's hungry or needs a diaper change.

- When you look at him he smiles. Even if he's been crying, all you have to do is get him to open his eyes and once he sees you he grins the biggest grin- it melts my heart!

- He loves to hold on to your shirt when your carrying him. He has quite the tight grasp, too! I love to see his little fingers gripping his blanket or my shirt- it's picture perfect.

Here are all the boys at 3 months. Do you think any of them look alike?
Holden at three months (already?)Elic

I was browsing through some of our pictures and realized that I have a shot of Elic and Holden in the same little Halloween shirt. More people say that they think Holden looks like Elic- what do you think?


Regardless of who Holden looks more like, he loves both his big brothers. They are great helpers and entertain him if he ever starts to cry. Saturday morning I walked into the living room to find this scene. Isn't it precious?
I'll end this post with a clip of Holden. He's just begun to find his voice. He cheering on the Cowboys!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We love Halloween at the Hughes house! I realized this year that I won't ever have pretty and cute Halloween decorations for my house. No, with three boys and a very involved husband I'll always have scary items displayed on the lawn and around the house. We had a house full this year with my mom and Papaw, Aunt Kim, Uncle Shawn and an adorable little ballerina. Pops and Gram were even able to come by for some candy corn pizza and pre-trick-or-treating excitement. Look at all the little cuties!Here's Nana with her little guys. She even joined the fun and dressed up as a punk rocker. Holden LOVED her wig and giggled at it all night long.
We were so glad to have Pops and Gram back from their three week vacation. Aren't all their grandkids just adorable?
Papaw was a trooper and kept watch over the house while we trick-or-treated. I think he got a workout because the doorbell kept ringing; so much so that we even ran out of candy. We love that we live in such a lively neighborhood.

Holden was the perfect little penguin.
This was the first year that Darren and I didn't join in and dress up. I guess we're finally feeling too old to participate.
Spiderman RAN to each house and just couldn't be slowed down.
Elic was so sweet to hold Autumn's hand as they went to the first house.
I'm sure Holden was thinking "What is going on? Why don't I have any candy?"
There's one house on our street that really goes above and beyond. They decorate the whole yard, have smoke machines, and even have spiders crawling on the side of the house. Elic would wave hi to all the creatures and decorations- he wasn't scared one bit.
Holden tuckered out but had a great first Halloween. He actually woke up for a bit when we got back home and even showed off by rolling over for the very first time!!
We love "Me Mouse"!
Look at that haul. We'll have candy in stock until next Halloween.
Elic decided that Junior Mints are not his favorite candy.
We were thankful for the extra hour of sleep so we could recharge our batteries and get ready for another day full of church activities. Happy Halloween everyone!