Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

While in Captiva, Linda found a professional photographer to come take our pictures. We met him and his assistant at the beach around 5:30. We knew this wasn't the ideal time for lighting but with small children who go to bed early, we opted for happy kids and not the sunset. I think the pictures turned out great! Darren and I have already blown up our family picture and hung it in our living room last night. I wish we could have taken a picture of everyone trying to get the kids to smile- lots of noise and crazy gesturing. I'm so glad we have these memories preserved.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Captiva Island

We had a great time last week for our Florida beach vacation. Boy, you have to take a ton of stuff when you travel with small kiddos! I was really proud of our packing though. We took three carry-ons and one of those was Holden's diaper bag. We checked one bag and it only weighed 30 lbs (no where near the 50 lb limit). I was very particular about what we brought because I knew we had to take the stroller, two car seats plus Holden's carrier. I'm sure we looked like a circus going through the airport. The boys did so good on the plane and for the long car ride to the beach house. The house was beautiful! It was three doors down from the beach and had a fantastic pool. Every day we woke up and went to the beach, then came home to swim in the pool to clean off. We'd eat lunch, take naps , play games and then go see the sunset. Who wouldn't want that life? The only thing I'm sad about is that all of us look just as white as before we left for the trip. Darren and I even stopped wearing sunblock the last few days and still we got nothing. O-well, we just say we're being healthy. I spent the week testing out my new camera that I received for Mother's Day (thank you Darren!). I had a hard time limiting the pictures for this post. I love kids at the beach! So here's my attempt at giving you a peek at our week.