Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carenow Picnic at the Ft. Worth Zoo

A few weeks ago we took the boys to the Fort Worth zoo where Carenow was having their company picnic. It's been over a year since we've been there and this was Holden's first time to go. I love that the first thing the boys wanted to do was use the map to plan out our visit.

We were there around noon and it seemed to be nap time for the animals. I did think this gorilla looked so sad just laying down looking at us.
This fellow had a little towel that he kept putting on his head. The boys thought it was so funny.

Look at that baby monkey! I mean, they just don't get cuter than that! He would get up from the group (who were all napping) and try to hang on the rope, but momma would come get his hand and lead him back. Then he'd make his way back over to the rope and they'd start all over again. I could have stayed right there watching them the whole afternoon- so adorable!

I'm not sure how much Holden really understood- if he could see the animals or knew they were alive, but he sure enjoyed being out of the stroller.
We heard the lion roar so many times- and it was LOUD! I thought it was the zoo playing the roar over the intercom, but no he was really doing it himself- amazing.
The zoo had just opened up a new aquarium exhibit and here are a few animals I'll never let my boys have as pets:
Really, why does a snake need to be that large?
Darren had to take this picture because it seriously gives me the hibbie-jibbies to see real spiders up close. The handler was even opening the mouth to show it's fangs- GROSS!
I was a happy camper to be leaving the world of snakes and spiders.
The boys begged to ride the train and we had a little time before the picnic began so we hopped on and rode to Wild West Texas.

We made it to the Carenow picnic right as the food line opened- the perfect time to get there. We had delicious BBQ and then they put on an educational program with some neat little animals.
It took six children to stretch out and hold this snake- YUCK!
A waddling penguin makes me smile. After all the walking and a big meal, we had some tired boys on our hands.
Everyone slept on the drive home. I wish "Boo at the Zoo" had been going on but it didn't start until late October. Little did the boys know, but this trip to the zoo was just the beginning of our October fun!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

One of my very favorite activities for the fall is to visit the Arboretum and their pumpkin patch. It felt so weird to go without Preston, but since he's playing soccer on Saturdays, we had to go during the week. Aunt Kim, Autumn, and Aaron were able to join us. We were treated to beautiful weather and a very light crowd- a recipe for the perfect outing. I love to see all the different kinds of pumpkins- the colors, shapes, and sizes.
I can only imagine how much this gi-normous one would cost at the store!
The kids did such a great job posing for us, smiling and letting us take a ton of pictures all over the park with lots of different backgrounds, all in an effort to get the perfect pumpkin picture.

Holden was amazed by all the pumpkins. I think if he could talk, he would say his favorite part of the whole day was being out of the stroller! It's not often that I let him walk/run around when we're out and about.
Elic loved the pumpkin houses! He kept telling me to take his picture next to each one and had me watch him walk through them. They are so unique with all the different shapes and colors.
Here's a great picture of Aunt Kim, Autumn, and Aaron.
The cousins (minus Preston). While taking this picture I couldn't help but think of the intro to the Brady Bunch because all the kids kept looking up and down at each other, made me laugh.

The hay maze is always a favorite. Elic never seemed to tire of running through it over and over again.

And Holden loved that he could climb over the bales. He just went from one side to the other, over and over again.
Elic thought he was King of the Pumpkin Mountain since he could climb all the way up to the top.
Nothing like a straight stretch of walkway to run full speed down!
Look! A pumpkin by the pumpkin!
This shot of Holden reminds me so much of Preston. I think it's the overalls and light hair. He's just growing up so fast.
Holden 2010

Preston 2006

We took one last cousin shot and then enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading home. On days like this I'm touched by the beauty of God's creation- even in something so little like a pumpkin.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching Up with the Hughes'

Ever since school started for Preston and Sunshine School started for me, I just can't seem to keep up with everything. And blogging has been last on my to-do list. Get ready, because this is a catch up post!

Grandparents Day
Preston's school had a special morning for grandparents. My mom was able to make it. She got to meet his teacher, Mrs. Behymer, and watch some of their morning routine.

Preston was the leader for the day and got to sit in the middle of the group area and help with calendar time.
I didn't want to stay long because really this was for grandparents only. I did try to sneak this shot of Nana sitting in Preston's seat. After watching class time, all the grandparents went to the gym for breakfast with the principal, Mr. Speck. I love how Boggess works so hard to plan special days, just like this one, that help to get family involved with the student's education.

Well, I couldn't put it off any longer. I am officially a soccer mom. Darren has been asking for a while now for me to sign Preston up, but really the thought of practices and Saturday games just makes me cringe. I can say that I love, love, love his team. I think all but two attend Boggess and a few are even in his class. The practice field is right next to our subdivision and the games are less than five minutes away. And truly I love soccer socks!

Preston definitely likes soccer better than t-ball. It's faster paced and you get to be a little aggressive trying to take the ball away- what's not for a boy to love?

We've had two games so far and this past Saturday Preston scored his first goal! I think it's going to be a great soccer season!

It's beginning to look alot like Halloween!

We definitely love fall- the cooler weather, the State Fair, and the holidays. I think we decorate for Halloween almost as much as we do for Christmas.

As much as I try to keep our decorations cute and fun, I'm out voted by all the boys for spooky and creepy things like this skeleton . . .
. . . and these ghosts,
On a cuter note, isn't this candy holder adorable?!
I love my mantle! Everything is from my trip to Canton. Putting it together was the first thing I did when I got home. Really, I didn't even bring my bags in from the car. I just couldn't wait to see how it all looked.
I L.O.V.E. argyle and these argyle pumpkins make me smile.

Some people have Christmas villages, but we have the beginnings of a Halloween village (it's a work in progress). Most of the houses light up or move which makes this the favorite attraction for our boys.

I'm more of a fan of cute platters. I just had to have this one (and the chocolate covered Oreos that came with it- YUM) from the Christian Works Auction. I had to reassure Darren that it was worth it because the money went to charity. I don't have any intentions of serving food on it because then you can't see the adorable picture!
Guess we need to update this plate and add a lil' monster! Our house just feels more cozy with all the special decorations around. Happy Fall Y'all!