Saturday, July 31, 2010

High Seas Expedition 2010

I'm a few weeks behind on blogging but trying to get caught up. I definitely wanted to post about vacation Bible school. The theme this year was a High Seas Expedition- exploring the treasures of God's word. I LOVED it! I loved the lessons, the crafts, the snacks and really liked the songs. The past few years I have served on the commitee and helped with the curriculum, but this year I signed up as a teacher. I had never rotated to all the different centers (music, snacks, crafts, and the missions room) and only the 4+ kids get to move around, so I opted to teach Preston's kindergarten class. We had a great group of kids. My co-teachers went overboard decorating and even brought in a 13 foot boat for the kids to sit in while we taught the lessons each day!
Preston loved learning all the motions to the songs. We play the cd at least once a day at the house and both boys love that they know the words. I love to hear their sweet voices singing praises to the Lord.
Everyday featured a fun snack for the kids to eat.
The snack room ladies even decorated with real goldfish- a BIG hit with all the kids.
I thought the crafts were so cute and very age appropriate. They made sailor hats, sand art necklaces, and treasure boxes to name a few.
The missions room focused on Scotland and on the first day we were treated to a performance of a real bag piper. He's played for the queen and even Ronald Regan! I loved his accent. FYI- Darren and I had a bag piper walk us down the aisle after we were married :)

I didn't see Elic's class that often. They were on a different schedule that included recess outside and centers in the room. He loved going each day and had really sweet teachers.
VBS ended with a carnival on Friday night. We were so happy that Darren and the grandparents could come see what all the kids had learned that week. After a BBQ dinner, we walked around to different stations set up in the foyer.
Sweet Ashlyn asked if Darren would compete against her in the donut eating contest. I think he let her win, but took it quite seriously.

Look at that action shot! Can you see the ball going through the top hoop?
Going along with the high seas theme was this water table ...
...which Holden loved! He cried when we took him away.

The last part of the night was a slide show of the week and a musical performance by the kids.

Where's Elic?
I was so proud that Preston participated in the singing- hand motions and all. Sometimes he gets shy in front of crowds.
The winner for favorite part of the night- the bounce houses!
I am so thankful to the directors and committee members who worked so hard (for months) to make this year's VBS such a success. Can't wait to see what the theme will be for next year!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference between these two pictures?

That's right! Preston has a tooth! We went back to the dentist and had his partial re-made and it doesn't seem to bother him at all this time around. He laughs at me because all I do is tell him to smile at me just so I can see a full set of teeth. He just looks younger to me with all the teeth in place and since I'm already having trouble dealing with the fact that he'll be in kindergarten this fall, having a sweet, young-looking smile helps me hold on to my baby just a little bit longer!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Festivities

Our 4th of July celebration began on the eve of 4th of July. We headed to Frisco in hopes of watching a Rough Rider game, but when the huge storm clouds rolled in right at game time, we decided to just stay indoors at Pops and Gram's house. The kids (Uncle Shawn included) couldn't wait to do some fireworks. Pops said he found a whole bag of them while cleaning their house. I already am nervous about fireworks in general, but old ones- I thought for sure this was a bad idea.Elic and Autumn were the brave ones watching from the doorway. Preston takes after me and really doesn't like loud noises. Lucky for him this is all those "old" fireworks did:
That's right, they just made a lot of smoke. We had to close the door to keep it from getting inside the house.
Darren and I had decided that a baseball game wasn't the best place for Holden since he'd just want to crawl around and wouldn't enjoy being held for 2+ hours, so we left him with Nana and Papaw. (Just wanted to clarify- I didn't want anyone to notice that he wasn't in any pictures and think I was neglecting my sweet third child.)
Look at this adorable face! I couldn't quit taking pictures of precious Aaron. Those eyelashes are to die for!
Autumn is a great big sister.
Since David's birthday is very near the 4th, we mixed celebrating his birthday with our 4th fun. Gram had cake for the adults and cupcakes for the kids. Elic and Autumn enjoyed licking all the icing off their cupcakes.
Doesn't everyone eat their cupcakes like this?
Of course, we had to try more fireworks. It was sprinkling outside so Shawn would light them and we all watched from inside. I thought this was a funny picture. Just a different way to watch fireworks.

A few actually lit and made a little noise.
On Sunday, the 4th, we went to early service at church and then headed straight down to Darren's boss, Dr. Champine, lake house on Cedar Creek Lake.
Look at those big boys! It's like I turned away for one second and they grew up. We decided that Holden was a little too young for the lake, so he continued to get spoiled at Nana's house.
So, Dr. Champine's lake house- imagine if you could have anything you wanted at the lake, money being no factor- what would you have? Well, you'd probably have:

Notice the boys already have life vests on. Preston asked for one right when he walked in the door and wouldn't take it off until it was time to go. They did everything, even if it wasn't water related, with their vests on. Safety first!

Water trampoline's.

Wave runners.

Preston stood on the dock like this the whole time Darren had Elic out on the wave runner. I told him it would be a while and he should come up to the house, but he said no he'd just wait right there.

Swing hammocks.

I love how relaxed Elic looks.

And not just any trampoline- but one with a basketball hoop of course!
And your lake house wouldn't be complete without a real putting green. Yes, it's a golf course grade green- unbelievable.
You would also want a great outdoor patio. Like maybe this one:
I love it! I love the stone, the wood, the ceiling fans, the outdoor grill, the outdoor fireplace and especially the flat screen TV built in the chimney of the fireplace.
We played this game that seemed so simple but yet so irritating. All it has is a ring on the string that you try to swing over to the hook on the wall. I had to walk away because I could have stayed there all day and still not have mastered it.
Of course, Darren only had to try like three times to get it- just not fair.
There were motorized vehicles for the kids to ride.
This kid, John Michael, cracked me up. I asked him if one of the boys could ride beside him and he said yes. Elic climbed in and John Micheal looked over at him and said, "Do you like to go fast?" And then he floored it and they took off. Dr. Champine had put a new battery in it and that thing really cruised.
Elic had to hold on while riding because they went "rabbit" speed as opposed to "turtle" speed. And 3 year olds really don't understand the concept of driving. They would try to run over bikes and bushes and parked cars- you really had to stay out of their path.

Preston rode this little 4 wheeler and he was a maniac! I couldn't believe he was peeling out and skidding to stop- just out of control! This worries me since now he's only 5, what will it be like when he's 16?
And what lake house would be complete without your A&M dinner bell? I've already put this on my Christmas list- whoop!

After a full day of good food and fun in the sun, the boys had one last ride around the yard and then we headed back to Nana's house.
This was before we even made it to the highway.
Holden was looking festive in his "jaw-some" outfit.
Nana asked if she could keep all the boys one more night, and after twisting our arm, we said yes. I was excited because then we were able to go see a movie (Knight and Day) and even catch a few fireworks on the way home.

The fun continued Monday with us taking the older boys to see Toy Story 3 in 3D. We loved the movie- so creative. Preston can retell it with such detail, it's amazing what their little brains remember! Darren and I took Holden home for a night free from his brothers and some one-on-one parent time. I love how different all their personalities are. What a great way to end a wonderful weekend. Now we have to rest up for our Schlitterbaun excursion in two weeks!