Monday, July 11, 2011

Special Visitors

A few weeks ago we studied bugs and I thought it would be fun to have these guys come visit us:

Yes, they're ants!  I have to say I think I was just as excited as the boys when they finally arrived.  I've never had an ant colony before and boy, are they workers.  I don't ever see them stopping or sleeping, just work, work, work!
 Everyone in the house got to see the ants in action.  Elic and Preston even tried to name all 25 of them.  But they told me that it's hard to tell them apart.
 We only had to wait a few days before the tunnels started to form.  Darren and I even caught ourselves staying up late one night just watching the ants.  They can move such large amounts of sand and work so well together, it truly is amazing.
We're about to release them because they have started to die and I can't take seeing another one eaten or being buried.  It was definitely a fun experiment and since it went so well, I think that maybe next year we'll order the butterfly eggs.

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